Learn how to control your dreams

Learn how to control your dreams by spending just 15 minutes for 4-weeks!
This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to experience unbelievable dream adventures!

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  • How to drastically improve your dream recall 
  • How to start doing reality checks in your dreams
  • The most effective way to use your dream journal
  • Easy and effective meditation guide for lucid dream induction

You will also discover

  • How to overcome your nightmares
  • The 3 most powerful lucid dreaming techniques (step-by-step guides)
  • 4-week training that will show you how to use the lucid dream essentials
  • Everything you need to know & how to use it in just 100 pages!

Let's break down the 4-week program

Week 1

The first week, we will focus on how to start remembering your dreams better. The way you will  improve your dream recall is:

  • by using different dream remembrance techniques, performed in a specific order 

Week 2

The second week will be all about increasing your awareness. The techniques will affect both your wake life and dream life. Overall, you will:

  • learn how to distinguish the reality and the the dream world


The third week will be very exciting! You are going to add a powerful & proven technique.

  • you will combine the the technique with some exercises from Week 1 and Week 2.
HOW TO LUCID DREAM WITH BLUE LOTUS (Guide 2019) - Lucid Dream Society

Week 4

The last week will be a combination of everything. It will also include new things, such as:

  • 2 new lucid dream induction techniques
  • deeper observation on what worked the best for you

The course will help you to

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book


  • by learning how to increase your melatonin levels naturally
  • by improving your REM sleep
  • by learning how to meditate
  • by learning what do to (and what to avoid) before going to sleep 
Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book


  • by learning how to recognize that you are in a dream
  • by learning how to turn your nightmares into lucid dreams, following any of our 5 strategies
Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book


  • by making a dream pillow, which will boost your memory and will increase your dreams
  • by learning the best way to use your dream journal in order to improve your dream recall

BONUS! Downloadable dream journal template

  • Fun and easy to use dream journal template
  • Includes tips on how to use it
  • Short manual with some tips on how to print it
Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

The e-book contains 8 chapters:

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 1:

What is lucid dreaming & Stages of sleep & Uses and applications

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 2:

Lucid dreaming fundamentals

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 3:

Powerful lucid dreaming techniques

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 4:

How to make your dream pillow

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 5:

Meditation guide

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 6:

How to turn nightmares into lucid dreams

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 7:

The 4-Week Training

Lucid Dream Society Beginners E-book

Chapter 8:

Selected articles for developing your skills even more


The training is specially designed for BEGINNERS. It contains SMALL and simple steps and it is very easy to follow.

However, it won’t work if you don’t do your part. In order to succeed you need to be determined and:

•  strictly follow the tasks
• be consistent 
• enjoy the process


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it is! It was proven multiple times.

In 1975, the British parapsychologist Dr. Keith Hearne prooved it scientifically, for the first time. 

Afterward, in 2009, another study found that lucid dreams enable us to tap into even higher states of consciousness than waking reality!

There were even more researches, so if you are interested, use the search tool to find more about it on our website.

The truth is that when you are just starting out, you may get overwhelmed by the amount of information there is about lucid dreaming.

Oftentimes, people put effort into the wrong things and they give up because they can’t see any results.

This is precisely why we decided to put everything in one place and create a beginners guide that will teach you step-by-step on how to get started.

It is focused on all of the lucid dream essentials and how to put them into practice with our 4-week training!

First, you need to take your time, read and understand all the theoretical part, until page 80. We will cover everything you need to know!

After you read the written part, you will be able to start with your 4-week training.

Our 4-week training contains SMALL and simple steps. It is without rushing and there are a lot of repetitions.

It is designed like that for a reason!

The truth is that if you start doing EVERYTHING at once, (reality check, meditation, dream journaling, different techniques, etc.) the chance of sticking to all of these new things is very little.

That’s why the training contains simple steps that won’t be overwhelming, and you will add new things, bit by bit.

If you practice and do everything from the 4-week training – you will see positive results.

This e-book is specially designed:

  • For newbies – people that are just starting with lucid dreaming

  • Beginners – people that tried to lucid dream but without any success

Anyone who dreams can learn how to lucid dream!

The truth is that even if you don’t remember, we ALL dream, each and every night, multiple times!

(with rare cases of people, struggling with some sleep problems and suffering from specific conditions)

Lucid dreaming is a skill, so with the right approach – anyone can learn it! The point is to train how to recognize when you are in the dream world.

It will work differently for everybody! To give you an estimation:

  • for most people, it will take between 2-6 weeks. 

The truth is that it really depends on you!

Maybe you will have your first lucid dream the first week, or perhaps you will experience it at the end of the 4th week!

Different factors will play a huge role, such as:

– how much effort you put into it

– are you doing everything from the training

– do you have normal sleeping patterns

– are you dedicated and motivated enough to learn how to lucid dream, etc.

The essential thing is to be consistent and not to give up!

Similar to the previous question, there isn’t a straight answer. It will feel different for everyone. In general, it is very exciting and extremely empowering!

At the beginning, some of you might have very vivid lucid dream, but for others, it can be not that clear. 

Or some might have control over the narrative, while others might be just aware that they are dreaming, without having any control.

On average, we sleep 25 years throughout our lifetime!

Instead of ”wasting” this time by just sleeping, you have the change to take advantage of it and have unforgettable experiences!

Our comprehensive guide will teach you to act out your wildest fantasies and how to have the dreams of your life!

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